Monday, November 30, 2009

arf, he said

Hi all -

We had a nice thanksgiving weekend. On Thursday, DD & Mike & Freya and Kim & Sean came over to eat some food. Holly and Cassidy modeled their new matching owl shirts - no, his finger is beside his nose, and not up in it.

On Friday we went up to Sonoma to see the Dalton clan. Cassidy was particularly pleased to meet Fergus, who was very patient with Cassidy's vigorous petting.

Next weekend is his birthday - he'll be one year old!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

walking on sunshine

Hi all - sorry (again) for the lack of updates. We've been busy, and haven't had any good pictures.

Cassidy's doing really well - he got some new shoes and was happy to model them with Mommy. He's figuring out how to walk, and loves to cruise around the house with a little help balancing.

Pretty soon he'll be a year old - time flies!

We've also got a great picture of Cassidy and Freya from a couple of weeks back; maybe this will be in their engagement announcement.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

bee thousand

It was a pretty mellow Halloween for Cassidy. We'd originally planned to take him to the Oakland Zoo with Freya, but with the Bay Bridge still closed, we didn't feel up to the long drive, so we stayed home and played peek-a-boo with Sheila the Sheep. He's still little enough that it's not a very exciting holiday for him - he's asleep by the time trick-or-treating really gets going. We did put his costume on for a while, though. He's not a fan of the hat.