Sunday, September 25, 2011

i'm an animal

The California li'l bear (ursus adorablicus californicus) is a small, friendly species native to the San Francisco Bay Area. It is known for its mellow, easygoing nature, love of literature, and its willing smile. It is easily approached, and sightseers are encouraged. It is extremely omnivorous, but its preferred diet is milk, graham crackers and hot dogs. It can often be found rolling in hallways, examining its feet, or charming visitors. The li'l bear loves tickling, but novice ticklers should be aware that once a tickling session has begun, the bear will insist quite forcefully that it continue for long periods.

The California li'l bear has a dominance relationship with several similar, larger animals whose primary role seems to be to provide for and entertain him, and occasionally to publicize his existence.

Monday, September 19, 2011

p.s. i love you

Dear adoring fans,

It's been great having my aunt Barb out here to spend time with me. She reads me books, helps bounce my animals on the exercise ball, and suggests to mommy and daddy that they take me to kite festivals and buy me French fries. I like having yet another person to comment on how cute and sweet I am and admire my impeccable fashion sense. I think I'll let her stick around.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

alphabet city

our weekend, from A to Z...

A- Adventure
B- Barb
C - Cassidy
D - Damon and Meriel
E - Elephant
F- Freya
G - Giraffes!
H - Hat
I - Interested
J - jamming
K - Kids
L - love
M - Muppet Show!
N - nature
O - Oakland
P - Petting zoo
Q - quality time
R - riding the carousel
S - sunny
T - Tiger
U - Ukelele
V - verdant
W - weekend
X - x-citement
Y - yawn!
Z - zoo!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

working for the weekend

Here in San Francisco, Labor Day weekend means the end of summer fog and the return of warm weather. Cassidy enjoyed the long weekend away from his busy schedule to get in some of his favorite activities, including:
- A trip to Golden Gate Park with Grandma and Barb to admire the decorations and ride the carousel.
- Some swing-oriented high-fiving.
- Using the FaceTime app to have a video chat with cousin Sara. He was kind enough to serenade her on the ukelele.
- A little balloon-oriented frolicking.
- Going down the slide by himself.

Now it's back to his daily grind, which includes pretty much the same sorts of things as his weekend. It's rough being a toddler.