Wednesday, September 15, 2010

this year's model

Never let it be said that Cassidy is lacking in sartorial flair. He's able to pull off combinations of colors and patterns far too bold and daring for most youngsters, usually tastefully accented with a dressy bib for mopping up drool. He's been known to add a hat to his wardrobe for a jaunty, European look, or to accessorize with a panda to show his more sensitive side.

Monday, September 6, 2010

run run run

On Sunday we took the intrepid explorer over the Golden Gate Bridge to spend the morning with Freya, DD and Mike at the Bay Area Discovery Museum. Since it's in Marin County, Cassidy thought he would dress the part.

Freya and Cassidy had a great time playing with the plastic fish in the stream, dressing up like insects, bouncing in the play area, racing through the willow maze, and doing a little art. Cassidy was particularly excited to race around from place to place; to be honest, he probably would've been excited in an empty lot as long as there was room to run around. By the time we were ready to head home, he was pretty wiped out, and fell asleep mid-snack.

In other news, he's 21 months old today. He's rapidly moving into toddlerhood; getting a little taller and saying a few more things that might be words. I'm pretty sure I've heard 'please', 'up' and 'help' in the last few days. 'Hi' and 'byebye' are staples, as are many variations on 'no.'