Wednesday, April 29, 2009

back in baby's arms

Hi all -

Sorry for the lack of updates. Last Friday Cassidy went to the doctor for his four-month checkup. He got his latest round of vaccinations, which was no fun, and Holly and I bombarded the doctor with our endless list of questions. Cassidy is now 17 lbs and 26.5 in long and is batting .293 with 15 homers and 10 stolen bases.

He's continuing to do well with the eating. We've added squash to his diet - he likes it a lot, but prefers to eat it off his bib, rather than the spoon.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

turtles all the way down

Another busy week for Cassidy. His baby yoga is coming along well - he can be seen here practicing baddhakonasana, or butterfly pose. While he hasn't quite figured out how to roll over, he's gotten very good at salambhasana, or locust pose, which seems much harder to me.

He's been enjoying the quilt that Fern sent him - here he's having a summit meeting with his new friend Turtie. He's also getting in lots of reading with his Grandma Rachel, a visit to Golden Gate Park with his mom, making fashion choices to promote world peace, and sneaking in a nap now and then.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

i wanna be your dog

We went to Golden Gate Park today, where Cassidy met his new friend Aloki. The masses of humanity and nature overwhelmed him a little, but he found solace in his puppy hat.

We're also pleased to announce that Cassidy slept through the night for the first time this week. Hopefully this won't jinx things and lead to a return of the 3am feedings.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

food glorious food

Dear Diary:

Today was a big day for me. I got to have my first two meals of solid food. Dad fed me some rice cereal mixed with formula. It was delicious, although quite a bit of it wound up on my chin and clothes. I definitely had fun eating from a spoon and sitting in my brand new high chair.

I'm also working on learning how to nap by myself in my crib. It's a big step from falling asleep while being held, but Mom said that she doesn't want to have to drive to my college dorm room every night to help me get to sleep, so I guess I'd better figure this out.

Here's some pictures of my big day. My arms aren't really as Popeye-ish as they look here - it's just the camera angle.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

here comes the son

Here's some photos from Cassidy's recent tummy time. He's showing off his elbow dimples and thunder thighs.

He also made it out to Golden Gate Park today to help celebrate Sean's birthday - Kim got in a photo with him. He was a little shy, but then broke out the smiles and sweetness once we got home.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

a nice pear

So Cassidy has now passed the four month mark, and continues to grow (and grow!) and do well. We went out to the Berkeley Marina last weekend for a picnic with DD, Mike and Freya. (he can be seen here modeling his sun hat and posing with his 'oh pear')

He also got to spend some time posing with his mom and trying out his Scary Monster pajamas. Not long ago, they seemed ridiculously big on him -- now he barely fits into them. He's also modeling his new swaddle blanket during the five seconds it took him to break out of it.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

hold your head high

Cassidy is getting quite good at tummy time, as you can see here. He's demonstrating bhujangasana, or cobra pose. He actually lifts his head up and smiles, as opposed to his previous squalling and grinding his face into the blanket. He's also learning geometry; he can tell the difference between an isocahedron and a dodecahedron. (Isocahedrons are more delicious.) He can also be seen here spending some quality sleeping time with Grandma Rachel.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

get up, sit up

Cassidy's new favorite game is sitting up. He does very well when propped or leaning in a chair, and has recently learned how to pull himself up when laying on his back by grabbing onto my hands. His head control is very good. Quite impressive! He still needs a little bit of a spot once he gets up to keep from toppling over, though.

He's also getting much better at (and more interested in) manipulating objects with his hands. Gone are the days of sitting and staring passively at a toy - now he wants to grab it and try to cram it in his mouth. We think he might be starting to teethe, due to the excessive drooling and interest in chewing on everything.

Both grandmas make an appearance here. Grandma Sonnie is reading to him, although he seems more interested in eating the bottle on his shirt, with a side of hand. Grandma Rachel is teaching him one of the many Cassidy-related songs she's composed. We also have the first appearance of his very cute purple Indian shirt. Like his dad, he's a bit of a hippie.