Wednesday, April 1, 2009

get up, sit up

Cassidy's new favorite game is sitting up. He does very well when propped or leaning in a chair, and has recently learned how to pull himself up when laying on his back by grabbing onto my hands. His head control is very good. Quite impressive! He still needs a little bit of a spot once he gets up to keep from toppling over, though.

He's also getting much better at (and more interested in) manipulating objects with his hands. Gone are the days of sitting and staring passively at a toy - now he wants to grab it and try to cram it in his mouth. We think he might be starting to teethe, due to the excessive drooling and interest in chewing on everything.

Both grandmas make an appearance here. Grandma Sonnie is reading to him, although he seems more interested in eating the bottle on his shirt, with a side of hand. Grandma Rachel is teaching him one of the many Cassidy-related songs she's composed. We also have the first appearance of his very cute purple Indian shirt. Like his dad, he's a bit of a hippie.

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