Sunday, January 17, 2010

liberty bell(e)

Last week was Rachel's birthday (I think she turned 29), so, to celebrate, we all went out to Liberty Cafe for brunch. Rachel and Holly and I had delicious fattening breakfasts, and Cassidy had some banana and blueberries.

His first molars are starting to come through; he's been pretty chipper about it, but has a lot of drooling and slime in his mouth. Poor little guy - it's tough having little bones push through your gums.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

leaving on a jet plane

Part the Third, in which our Hero faces new obstacles and returns home triumphant.

We got to see lots of other friends as well. Jenny and Pete and their boys stopped by for a brief visit, Scott and Hope had a get-together at their place with tons of friends, and Fern had us over for dinner. Everyone wanted to meet Cassidy, and he did his best to give them a taste of his charms.

One unexpected side-effect of the cold, dry weather was that his hair got more poofy and less curly, giving him even more of a crazy-hair look. He managed to make it work for him, though.

After a week of rushing around, seeing everyone, cursing the cold and snow and collecting lots of praise and adoration for our Young Charge, we got on a plane and headed home for San Francisco. We're all tired, but well, and had lots of fun. It's definitely a lot of work traveling with a baby, though - no more packing 10 minutes before we need to leave for the airport!

ice ice baby

Being the second part in our young squire's adventures in the Frozen North:

- Cassidy had a lot of fun climbing the stairs at Grandma Sonnie's and Grandpa Chris'. He also liked chasing Grandma Sonnie while she crawled around.

- He had a great time seeing his Aunt Barb and cousin Sara - they let us stay at their house, and Barb even gave up her bed for us. (Thanks, Barb!)

- Cassidy got tons of presents and toys. His favorite was a half-empty Aquafina water bottle. (He can be seen here "sharing" it with Tigger.) He played with it for days, and it kept him occupied for at least half of the plane flight home. We plan to sell all of his toys and just collect recycling for him from now on.

- We had a fun time visiting Jody and Todd and Raina and Keelee - Keelee was especially excited to meet Cassidy, and gave him a walking tour of their house. We also took Cassidy on his first toboggan ride down the tiny hill to the side of their yard; he was not entirely impressed.

i come from the land of the ice and snow

So we spent a week back in Wisconsin over New Year's seeing friends and family. Faithful Wisconsin readers who we didn't get to see - sorry! It was a fast trip, and there's only so many hours in the day. We still love you all.

Cassidy did really well - he handled the plane flights, the strange environments, the new faces, and the disruptions to his schedule with very little crying or whining (less than Holly and me). He did agree with us that the weather in Wisconsin in January is highly suboptimal, and now has a better appreciation for San Francisco's 50-degree Decembers.

We have lots of photos, so I'll break them into a few installments. In this batch, our young hero can be seen meeting his new friend Tigger, enjoying toys and presents with Grandma Sonnie and Grandpa Chris, and showing his general disdain for winter clothing.