Wednesday, February 25, 2009

when my baby's beside me, I don't worry

Cassidy survived his 2-month visit to the pediatrician and his first round of vaccinations. (vital stats: He's 13 lbs, 24.5 in long, and averages 19.7 points and 7 rebounds per game.) He had a fever later that day, and was tired and low energy for a couple of days, but has now bounced back to his usual sunny self.

Carrie came by on Sunday to make pancakes for us. (as usual, Cassidy went with the formula.) They were delicious.

Cassidy is continuing to grow and get strong. He's smiling and giggling, making all kinds of 'aroo'-style noises, and grabbing things. He can lift his head up some on his stomach as well. In other words, all the things that are expected of babies his age.

p.s. - no one has entered the 'guess the music references in Cassidy's blog' contest. I may have to change the prize to a poopy diaper for all non-entrants.

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G said...

Okay, fine, got the Big Star ref. Happy? :-P