Monday, May 25, 2009

child of countless trees

So Holly and Cassidy and I went to Boulder Creek for the weekend to spend a little time in nature and get out of the city for a couple of days. Cassidy got to go on his first hike (ok, push) in Big Basin - it was quite cold, so he got to model the purple hat he inherited from Freya. We had a lot of fun, and Cassidy did great at being away from home; he's a little trooper.

He's also learning how to stand (with some help) although it tires him out after a little bit. He can sit up quite well, and has learned how to reach and grab for things. Every day is something new, which is pretty amazing.

Update: It turns out that Holly actually got Cassidy's purple hat at Thrift Town. As penance, here's a picture of the trees we saw in Big Basin.

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