Sunday, June 21, 2009

i am a scientist

Another fun-filled weekend for Cassidy. On Saturday we went for a walk with Xavier and Sara and Cassidy got to meet their daughter Sofia. Another potential prom date for him in about 17 years! We think that she was suitably charmed by his savior-faire. Later that day he helped me beat Grandma Rachel in a game of Scrabble. He's quite good at the two-letter words.

For Father's Day, Cassidy and Holly and I went to the California Academy of Science. Cassidy was quite impressed with the aquarium. (So were we.) This was the first time he'd ever seen fish or coral. There's all kinds of cool stuff there; we hope to keep taking him back as he gets older and trick him into liking science as much as his parents do.


Kali said...

Oh and this is by the dandy warhols, It's the only one I spotted by sight.

cbrooks said...

actually, it's guided by voices, but you get a prize for playing!

cbrooks said...

so it turns out that you're right - the dandy warhols did a song with this title as well. you win the grand prize - a poopy diaper!