Sunday, October 25, 2009

world of fun

I took Cassidy to the Harvest Fest Street Fair in Noe Valley last weekend and got to experience one of those things that happens with kids now and again: seeing them encounter something awesome for the first time. We get all jaded and busy and forget that there's a lot of simple things in life that are incredibly cool. In particular, Cassidy got his first balloon. It totally blew his little baby mind. It doesn't obey all those natural laws of physics he's been working so hard to figure out. Everything else, such as his food, seems to fall when dropped, but the balloon just floated up to the ceiling.

If that wasn't enough amazement for him, he also had a visitor - Jenny flew out from Wisconsin for a quick visit and and audience with the Young Prince. He also got some book-reading in, and was thoughtful enough to take the time to knock over the tower of blocks I'd so painstakingly constructed.

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