Wednesday, March 17, 2010

jellyfish heaven

On Sunday we drove down to Monterey with Cassidy. We got there in the late afternoon and headed out to Asilomar State Park for a walk along the beach. It was Cassidy's first up-close exposure to the ocean, and his mind was appropriately blown.

We spent the next day at the always-great Monterey Bay Aquarium. Incredibly cool seahorses, an awesome reef tank, unearthly jellyfish, sea otters, penguins, and much more. Cassidy liked the touch pool (he got to touch a starfish) and the kids' play area as well. Some of the sense of wonderment was lost on him; he's still a baby, so everything is amazing. More than once Holly and I would be staring at some incredible anemone or sea dragon and notice him with the same amazed gaze checking out an exit sign or someone's earring.

Tuesday morning we took a walk along the shore and checked out the waves, which he found quite cool. Then we headed home; by this point he was pretty wiped out, and so he crashed in that way that only babies can.

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