Sunday, May 16, 2010

baby, I love your way

Cassidy had a very full weekend, including:
- Lots of reading, which is not a surprise. Like his mom, he loves books.
- A trip to Walter Haas Playground, where the gale-force winds gave his hair a "Frampton Comes Alive" look.
- A couple of rounds of bubble-blowing. He found this quite hilarious. Yet another of those things that are incredibly cool, but we forget about as adults.
- His first shower (previously, he's been all about the bath). It was a joint affair with me. He was OK with it until we got his head wet.

Not pictured: a trip to the art supply store and to Lovely Bump to see the turtle, the requisite naps and eating and playing, and his ability to say the word 'hat'.


david silver said...

love the peace PJs.

3-G The Poet said...

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Hoping you have a wonderful week,

Arjuna Timur said...

you ddi a great work at your age
i love your blog