Sunday, June 6, 2010

fairies wear boots

(alternate title: 18 and life)

Today Cassidy is 18 months old. I'm not sure if that seems like a long time or a short time. I do know that he's rapidly changing from a baby into a little boy; he can walk, follow directions (sometimes), and say a few words. He also looks more like a little boy. (although it's not uncommon for strangers to think that he's a girl, even when he's wearing blue, since he's such a cutie.)

On Saturday we went to Fairyland with DD and Mike and Freya. Fairyland is one of a growing number of places that I never knew existed before Cassidy was born but now go to. I'd been to Lake Merritt many times and had no idea there was a 1950's children's park on the eastern shore.

Cassidy had a great time - he got to race around, see animals, ride the carousel and the train, and explore all the cool displays. He's still too little to sit through the puppet show or climb in the rigging of the pirate ship, but that just means that there's reasons to go back as he gets older.


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