Sunday, March 20, 2011

blue hawaii

For Spring Break this year, we took Cassidy to Hawaii for a few days to visit our friends Todd, Jody, Raina and Keelee. It's a long trip for a little guy, but he was a trooper. Here's the first batch of photos - more to come once all the appropriate releases are signed.

Cassidy had a lot of fun racing around and playing in the ocean. He impressed the locals with his toddler fashion style, which also helped protect his very fair skin from the sun. He had a great time playing "tug-of-peace" (as Holly calls it) with Howie the chihuahua, and got a new stuffed turtle to boot. The zoo in Hilo was cool, and had lots of birds and other tropical animals. But by the end of the trip he was ready to be home, where Grandma Rachel left a welcoming note for him.

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