Wednesday, March 20, 2013

a matter of taste

things cassidy and daddy agree on:
- tie-dye is an excellent fashion choice
- building a preschool for your ducks is an excellent idea
- field trips to chabot are fun
- space is a pretty good preschool month theme, but it can't beat dinosaurs
- the new bay bridge is going to be pretty cool-looking
- a little angry birds after breakfast is not a bad way to start the day
- you need layers in san francisco
- mommy is an excellent photographer

places where we part ways:
- whether a swimming suit is an excellent fashion choice
- whether the best thing to do with a huge box of really tiny legos is to dump them all over the floor and introduce a cat
- whether we can fit into the box
- whether it's a good idea to do happy baby pose and hero pose on the plastic table
- what order the ducks go in

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