Tuesday, September 22, 2009

be my baby

Last weekend we made the trek over to El Sobrante for a BBQ at DD and Mike's. Cassidy was very excited about the chance to see Freya again, and to meet Audrey (not pictured). He was quite thrilled about the vast array of toys that Freya has - they're all quite delicious. The two of them shared a couple of baby-summit moments and discussed plans for their future together.

In the baby progress department, Cassidy is now quite adept at crawling and standing with support. He's figuring out "cruising" (walking while holding on to furniture), but standing on his own is still a little ways off. He's working on feeding himself; he can pick up a baby carrot and chew on it. He still prefers the old-fashioned method of smearing food all over himself, though. He goes to the pediatrician for a checkup next week, so we'll have height and weight then.

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