Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Revolution #9

Cassidy turned nine months old on Sunday. It's pretty amazing that in that short period of time he's gone from this:

to this:

His cousin Kali came down to visit for the weekend to help him celebrate. He had lots of fun - we went to Golden Gate Park to ride on the carousel (which he found a little overwhelming) and get in a round of baby swings.

He still loves books, both reading them and reorganizing them. Based on this, he'll either be a librarian or a demolitions expert.

He's got quite a few teeth coming in, as you can see. He's also getting pretty good at standing up with a little support, and is desperate to figure out walking. Just a few weeks ago, he was trying to get crawling down, and he's already moving on to bigger and better things. He hasn't given up all his old habits, though; he still loves to chew on things.

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