Monday, November 8, 2010

22 going on 23

Cassidy turned 23 months old on Saturday and his transmogrification from a baby into a little boy continues. He's definitely developing the mood swings and temperament of a two-year old: one minute he's sweetness and light, and the next minute upset, then back to joyful. Some things never change, though; he still loves bubbles and playing with his ball, and his incoming molars have kept the drool stream coming right along.

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DuckiesKnit2 said...

What a wonderful age. My boys are growing up too fast. My youngest is going to be 23 months on the 21st, my oldest will be five december 8th. Busy month, but they're definitely worth it. I especially love the cuddling pic at the bottom. If my boy weren't so busy trying to run, I'm sure I'd get those cuddles back too!