Saturday, November 27, 2010

them belly full

We had Thanksgiving dinner in El Sobrante with DD, Mike, Freya, Kim, Sean, Damon and Meriel. It was a little crazy given the amount of child-coordinating taking place, but also a lot of fun. It was a very traditional meal - all vegetarian Indian food. I made potato and tofu curry, saag paneer and dal, and Mike made chana masala, lemon rice, and roasted cauliflower. Kim and Sean brought cranberry chutney. It was all very delicious, and we all left stuffed.

Today we headed down to San Mateo to see Rudd and Nancy's new house. Cassidy had a lot of fun chasing Rudd around and playing with Nancy and their huge penguin.

He's learning a lot as he closes in on his second birthday. He knows about half the letters in the alphabet (depending on the day) and has recently started saying "hair" and "nose." He loves saying "bye" now, and says it every chance he gets - when we finish a book or leave a room, when he goes to bed, when we leave the park, or even when he's done interacting with you. It's pretty adorable.

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