Sunday, December 12, 2010

how lovely are your branches

So we got our Christmas tree up today. As you can tell from the photos, we're very traditional about how the tree is decorated: sock monkey ornaments are lower, Hello Kitty is up high, dinosaurs are spread out, and the Egyptian cat is at the top, just like it is in those Currier & Ives prints. Now we get to look forward to three weeks of keeping Cassidy from grabbing all these things that look just like toys and are right next to his play area, and also keeping the cats from trying to scale it. I'm thinking about setting up a pool to wager on how long it is before the tree is pulled over and who the culprit is.

We also have some pictures of Cassidy with the stuffed pig his Aunt Barb and Cousin Sara sent him, as well as the very loud car Grandma and Grandpa Brooks sent. Last but not least, we have the pouty face that Cassidy whips out when he feels he's being oppressed - in this case, he wanted Holly to chase him around the kitchen another 800 times.

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