Sunday, December 26, 2010

i should have known better

Two is a weird age. Cassidy's definitely not a baby anymore; he wants to be actively doing things, and he can interact with us, and he has very clear wants. But he's not a child yet either, even though he looks like one. Christmas was a good reminder of that.

On Christmas Eve day, we continued our annual museum tradition by going to the Exploratorium. Barb and Sara are in town, and went with us. We thought he'd like it, even though a lot of the exhibits are clearly too old for him, but he didn't really get interested in it. He was more excited by seeing the ducks outside. He did like running around, though, and the fish were cool. In a couple of years we'll take him back and nurture that inner science geek a little more.

Christmas Day was similar; he's still too young to get excited about opening presents. Not only is it not interesting, he's actively opposed to sitting still long enough for it. (I suspect that next year will be a very different story.) The plus is that there wasn't anyone (except me) whining to start opening the presents already. He did like the books that he got, and the toy recycling truck from Grandma Sonnie and Grandpa Chris. Not surprisingly, he had as much fun with the $1.49 box his crayons came in as anything else.

The rest of us made out pretty well also, and had a nice holiday together.

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