Sunday, January 2, 2011

strike a pose

Happy New Year, everyone!

The holidays are over, the tree is down, and January is here. Nothing to do but brace ourselves for the long months of cold and ice and snow. Oh, wait- we live in California, not Wisconsin. Make that a few weeks of rain, followed by a return to sun and warmth. Hee hee!

As for Cassidy, he's starting to figure out how to work the cute thing, as can be seen here - he's continually practicing this pose where he puts his chin in his hand and gives you a sweet smile. I predict that he's going to be quite the heartbreaker in a few years.

He's also really excited by "scaring" people (seen below), which mostly just means running up to them and saying "boo!" or "ahh!" When we had lots of people around over Christmas, that meant lots of victims for him, but now that it's quieter, he's had to resort to scaring his stuffed animals or the Christmas tree after a few hundred times of scaring me and Holly.

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