Thursday, January 29, 2009

don't call it a comeback

Hi all -

Sorry for the lack of updates; here's some pictures to make up for it.

Cassidy continues to do well and maintain his charms. He'll be eight weeks old this weekend. He smiles more regularly (although not for the camera), chews on his hand, and is better at holding his head up. I've been working on teaching him music theory, but he's still having a hard time mastering key transposition, and his improvisational skills could use work.

As you might guess, Holly takes the bulk of the pictures, which is why she's not in any of them.

So the last several posts have all had musical titles and references. In an attempt to take advantage of this Web 2.0 thing the kids all talk about, we'll have a contest - the reader who identifies the most references gets a free poopy diaper. Second prize is two poopy diapers.

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