Sunday, January 11, 2009

sunday baby sunday

It was a busy weekend for young Cassidy. As of Sunday, he's 36 days old, and entering his sixth week of life. On Friday evening, Sean and Kim came by to visit and brought rotisserie chicken (Cassidy opted for formula instead). On Saturday, Ron and Mike came by bearing Chinese food and a stuffed dog bigger than he is, and on Sunday Carrie brought chocolate cake. (Again, Cassidy went with the formula option. He's a baby of simple tastes.)

He also squeezed in a bath, and a little bit of baby yoga. At this point, the baby yoga consists of some gentle massage, plus a few leg exercises to strengthen his hip flexors. Hanumanasana is probably a little ways off for him.

Here's some more pictures, including Cassidy flashing gang signs as he poses with his stuffed dog, giving a terrorist fist jab as he models the outfit he got from DD, Mike and Freya, and helping me come up with clever blog entries.

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