Saturday, January 3, 2009

nothing stands in your way when you're a boy

Today is Cassidy's four-week birthday. So far, he's doing quite well - he celebrated with the standard eating and pooping and napping, plus barfing up his lunch on the changing table. (not enough burping.) Stephanie also brought him some presents, plus food for us. (We think he has a crush on her.) We're excited to be nearing his six-week anniversary; his pediatrician recommended keeping him away from crowds and other kids until then to give his immune system time to develop, but we can tell he's craving adventure. In the meantime, he's enjoying his diverse wardrobe and taking some naps on his mom, along with Flannery.

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Rachel said...

Hi all, I'll see if I can get in here to express my absolute pleasure with Cassidy's blog, the words and explanations, and especially the pictures. I like the picture on the end of this blog where I can really see the changes in Cassidy. But I especially like two earlier pictures, on Dec. 11th where I think Holly in her green corduroy shirt is holding the little guy and he is looking up at her. You get to see such a profile as well as his alert intensity at 5 days of age. The other one is of the bonding going on between father and son on Dec. 16th after you were home--the picture of tall Chris sitting on the floor holding tiny Cassidy looking up at his dad looking down. I think I've said enough! love, Gma Rachel