Sunday, January 4, 2009

equal time

Since Cassidy's arrival, our other two 'kids' have taken a back seat. In the case of Muffy, it hasn't been such a big adjustment; he was kitty #10,000 before, so the bottom of the totem pole is a familiar place for him. Flannery, on the other hand, was used to being the unquestioned queen of the house, and has had to adjust to being number 2. The most ironic thing with her is that Cassidy is still very young and sleeps a lot; there's plenty of time for her to get attention, if she'd just be willing to choose times other than when we're feeding him.

Writing this also makes me think a little about nicknames. Muffy's real name is actually Charlie, but we almost always call him Muffy or Scruffles or Mr. Guy. Similarly, Flannery is almost always referred to as Kitten or Squirrel. I'm assuming Cassidy will acquire some nicknames - so far, Dean Squirmer, Mama's Special Little Guy, and Baby the Hutt have gotten some play.

So in the interest of fair play, here's some pictures of the kitties.

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