Friday, December 12, 2008

12/12/08 welcome to sleep deprivation

Hi all -
(sorry. No cute pictures this time)

So we just got done with the overnight stay in the self-care room. We did all the feeding and diaper-changing and burping and soothing and so on, which went pretty smoothly. Cassidy did manage to barf up a bunch of formula in his crib at one point, but we got it cleaned up. We're both pretty tired at this point - we decided it's even harder than having him at home, since we're in one tiny room, so we can't have one person sleep in the other room while he's feeding, plus the nurses are also coming in every few hours to check his vitals and administer his IV, and the pullout couch in there was not exactly comfortable.

Despite that, it was a good experience. We both feel pretty solid about the basics and ready to take him home, where we can get a more sensible sleep schedule figured out. (Plus, our huge king-size bed is much more luxurious and comfortable.)

We're going to go run some errands, take a walk, and probably a nap, so it's unlikely that we'll post any more until late tonight or tomorrow.

OK, since you asked so nicely, here's a picture from a couple of days ago.

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