Friday, December 19, 2008

fashion plate

One of the fun things about little babies is that you can dress them up in cute clothes and they can't complain, or aren't yet aware of things like embarrassment and looking silly. In many ways babies have this figured out better than adults.

Cassidy here is modeling his Santa hat, along with jammies sent by Grandma Rachel. Soon after his photo shoot, he barfed up his dinner all over them. Luckily, baby formula comes out easily, and since he doesn't know about embarrassment, he was just happy that his tummy felt better.

We also have an appearance here by Flannery, aka the Squirrel, aka the Formerly Cutest Creature In The House. She's having a hard time adjusting to not being the unquestioned number one any more. In addition to not having her mom's undivided attention anymore, she's quite annoyed that she hasn't been able to drink any of Cassidy's formula (even when it spills on the floor) despite her best efforts. Little does she know that in a few short months he'll go from being a sedentary and mysterious new addition to the family to a crawling, grabbing, squealing tormentor.

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Raquel said...

Dear Chris and Holly:

This is Raquel, Chris's long-lost Brazilian sister who is living in Canada. I just got the wonderful news from Mom and Dad Brooks about Cassidy's birth. He is a beautiful baby!! Many congratulations and we wish the whole family the very best! Colin (my husband) and I have two "monkeys," Lucas who is 9 and Sophia who is two. I know you're probably overwhelmed with a lot of parenting advice, but if I may offer my two cents here it is: Buy a little book called "Happiest Baby on the Block." I know the title is sort of the pedantic but the advice is awesome and I swear by it. It's especially good for the first six months of life. AFter that, there is a great British psychologist whose name is Penelope Leach who wrote an excellent book: "Your baby and child from birth to age 5." I'll also swear by that book and I'd say that 95% of the parenting advice was right on. But, most importantly, do what your intuition tell you--that's the besw advice that I've received. Again, all the very best and enjoy your precious Cassidy as they grow too fast!
Raquel, Colin, Lucas and Sophia in Canada