Tuesday, December 16, 2008

these babies sure do poop a lot

So here's the latest on the Cassidy front:

We're home, and trying to get settled into a routine, which seems to involve a fairly rapid eat/poop/cry/sleep cycle. Holly and I are doing OK so far; it's been a little overwhelming, but we're starting to figure things out.

Cassidy got some very nice presents from his Aunt Barb, Cousin Sara, and Aunt DD, Uncle Mike, and Cousin Freya. He's admiring the panda book that DD, Mike and Freya gave him.

We had our first trip to the pediatrician today. Everything seems good, and Holly and I got some parenting questions crossed off of our seemingly endless list.

He's also discovered the joys of the swing, and spent a couple of hours blissing out in that this evening. Here, he's demonstrating his new "evil genius" face.

One unexpected result of his arrival: our cats, Flannery and Muffy, who'd previously been in a cold war state, have forged a truce against the new common enemy who's displaced them from the top of the cuddle pyramid. They've pretty much kept their distance from him, but have been oddly friendly to each other.

And now, the pictures.

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Anonymous said...

That second picture looks like he is trying to type... where are the poorly spelled captions? I think it is great that you two have a baby, good luck you three!