Monday, December 29, 2008

life = [((poop, eat, sleep) * 8) for day in allDays]

(sorry for the geeky title - non-programmers, just know that it's a really nerdy joke about the repetitive cycle of taking care of Cassidy)

Hi all -

Not a whole lot to report, but I figured everyone would want more pictures. Cassidy is now 23 days old (an auspicious number!) and continuing to do the things that babies do - namely eat, sleep, gain weight, and expel lots of noxious substances. He got another visit from Kim & Sean yesterday (pictured below) and they brought us a delicious tamale pie. Yum! He seems to be at his cutest when visitors come by, so local folks should let us know when they want to request an audience with His Majesty.

Flannery has also been trying to re-assert her dominance - we have a photo here of her trying to share the much-coveted mommy lap with Cassidy.

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Kali said...

sheep plus panda= wondertwin powers activate! In the shape of: zoo!
Ok, done being dorky. Hope you guys are having a blast. I send my love!