Saturday, December 13, 2008

12/13/08 - Saturday!

Hi all of Cassidy's adoring fans!

So it looks like Cassidy is going to get to go home tomorrow. Yay! The doctors still need to make a final discharge in the morning, but the neonatalogist we spoke to today said that he's looking good and should be ready to go home.

He got his last dose of antibiotics this morning. When we came in to see him this morning, we found out that the IV in his leg had gone bad and they had to move it to his scalp, which looked gruesome but didn't hurt him. That's out now and he's as handsome as ever. He's been a really tough little guy with all the stuff that's happened to him in his first week of life.

We also got to give him his first bath today. He was OK with the water on his face and head, but got a little freaked out when we actually put him in the tub. He got another visit from the physical therapist, who showed us some exercises to help him strengthen the muscles in the front of his body and improve the range of motion in his legs. I can't wait to get him home to start doing baby yoga.

Everyone here at Sutter Memorial has been really great to us. All of the nurses have been incredibly supportive and helpful, and are always willing to answer all our questions and talk us through these basic parenting skills.

So hopefully the next post you see will be from the comfy confines of home. We're not too excited about the 2-hour drive back to San Francisco, though. We're going to have to time the feeding and pooping schedule pretty carefully.

And now, baby pictures!

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carrie said...

I am so glad that he is home safe and sound!