Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Updates - 12/10/08

Hi everyone -

Another good day for Cassidy - yay! Things have been going really well; pretty much everything we could hope for.

Cassidy was taken off of phenobarbitol yesterday, and they're monitoring him to make sure there's no further seizure activity. So far everything has been totally clear. He's still on antibiotics until Saturday, but if he continues to do well, we can take him home Sunday or Monday.

He's also eating (and pooping) quite well. He's completely off IV fluids, and eating almost 2oz of formula and/or breast milk every three hours. Holly and I have both been feeding him; the first couple of times were tricky, as he's still figuring out what to do with his tongue, but this evening he sucked down his meal in about 10 minutes.

We got to spend 4 hours with him in the self-care room this evening. Basically, it's a separate room next to the NICU where we do all the feeding and care. The nurse comes in every 3 hours to take vitals and is on call to answer questions or help out, but basically it's all us. Tomorrow we're doing it from noon until 9am Friday, which should be a good test drive for once we get him home.

We read him another book (Is A Camel A Mammal) and listened to music and sang with him. (He was mostly doing background vocals.)

We still don't know if he'll have any long-term problems from all of this, and we may not for years, but that seems to be the way it is with kids anyway. We're getting a crash course in both the scary and joyful parts of being parents, all at once.

Any now for the reason you're really here - the pictures!

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cschneider said...

Congratulations - you both look like pros already! I work with Grandma Rachel. We're so happy for all of you - Cassidy is adorable!
Your new family is in our prayers.
Connie Schneider & Warren Birkrem
Sun Prairie, WI